WHEREAS, by Deed of Trust dated the 16th day of June, 2008, of record in Trust Deed Book 929, page 90, and modified by Modification of Deed of Trust in Trust Deed Book 1103, page 631, and further modified by Modification of Deed of Trust in Trust Deed Book 1168, page 261, all in the Register's Office of Franklin County, Tennessee, Robert P. Lichon and wife, Tammy L. Lichon, did convey in trust, the tract of land hereinafter described to secure the payment of the indebtedness described therein and now owed to FirstBank (successor by acquisition of American City Bank); and

WHEREAS, RICHARD W. GABRIEL has been appointed Substitute Trustee according to the provisions of said Deed of Trust and Modifications of Deed of Trust by instrument recorded in Trust Deed Book 1274, page 84, Register's Office, Franklin County, Tennessee; and

WHEREAS, default has been made in the payment of said indebtedness now due, and the holder and owner of said note has declared the entire balance, now due and payable, and instructed the undersigned to foreclose the said Deed of Trust and Modifications of Deed of Trust.

NOW, THEREFORE, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Substitute Trustee under said instrument, I will, on the 22nd day of January, 2019, offer for sale and sell at the front door of the Franklin County Courthouse, S. Jefferson Street, Winchester, Tennessee at 11:00 a.m. to the last, highest, and best bidder for cash in hand, and in bar of equity of redemption, homestead and dower, and all other exemptions of every kind which are expressly waived in said Deed of Trust and Modifications of Deed of Trust, the following described tract of land situated in the 20th Civil District of Franklin County, Tennessee, and being more particularly described as follows:

Beginning at a #5 rebar set with a cap stamped JOHNSON ASSOC. TN RLS #1632 (all such points herein after referred to as a capped rebar set) in the Southwest boundary of the 50 feet right-of-way of First Avenue at the Easternmost corner of the herein described tract, said point being further described as being the Northernmost corner of the Wylie tract (Deed Book 305 Page 147), and being located North 44 deg. 08 min. 34 sec. West 233.59 feet from the centerline intersection of First Avenue and Cherry Street, Thence leaving First Avenue with Wylies Northwest boundary South 52 deg. 00 min. 00 sec. West 200.00 feet to a capped rebar set in the back of the sidewalk in the Northeast boundary of the 50 foot right-of-way of Second Avenue, Thence with Second Avenue North 37 deg. 45 min. 56 sec. West 101.00 feet to a capped rebar set at the Southernmost corner of the Chandler tract (Deed Book 191, Page 146), Thence leaving Second Avenue with Chandler, Young (Deed Book 280, page 467) and Lightfoot (Deed Book 179, Page 153) North 52 deg. 00 min. 00 sec. East 200.00 feet to a capped rebar set in said First Avenue, Thence with First Avenue South 37 deg. 45 min. 56 sec. East 101.00 feet to the POINT OF BEGINNING, said tract contains 0.46 acres more or less as surveyed by Kurt M. Johnson, RLS #1632, dated January 23, 2003.

Being the same property conveyed to Robert P. Lichon and wife, Tammy L. Lichon, by deed of record in Deed Book 360, Page 239, Register's Office, Franklin County, Tennessee. The said Robert P. Lichon is now deceased and Tammy L. Lichon is the surviving tenant by the entirety.

This property is located at 103 2nd Avenue South, Decherd, Tennessee 37324.

Said property will be sold subject to any and all current and unpaid taxes and other assessments, and any other prior liens or encumbrances, and any easements, right of ways, restrictions, and matters noted on any applicable plat and/or survey. Other interested parties: The Estate of Robert P. Lichon, deceased, and any heirs or beneficiaries thereof.

Said sale is made subject to all oral announcements made at the sale, and the right is reserved to adjourn the day of sale to another date certain without further publication, upon announcement at the time set above.

This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

This the 21st day of December, 2018.

/s/ Richard W. Gabriel


Substitute Trustee


& LaBAR, P.L.L.C.

Attorneys at Law

300 North Jackson Street

Tullahoma, Tennessee 37388