Bonnaroo Park Partners 2019

Manchester Parks and Recreation Activities Director Amanda Morton handles a sale with a Bonnaroovian on Thursday, June 13.

Following the May meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, the city Beer Board approved a permit for Facility Concession Services, of Oak Ridge North, Texas for the sale on-premises consumption beer on the New Era Farms property.

The permit will allow the group to sell beer without the need for separate special event permits. The company's application does not show that it is directly owned by Live Nation or AC Entertainment. The details of their arrangement was not available at the time of posting the story.   

BOMA, in a separate vote approved the final reading of the ordinance taxing the sale, resale or issuance of entertainment admission tickets or tokens. 

Alderman Ryan French noted that the funds would go directly into the general fund and not be earmarked for any specific purpose. Earlier talks with Bonnaroo involved the festival wanting the county to use "Bonnaroo money" for infrastructure improvements for the site.