Becky Buller and Dark Shadow Recording released "More Heart, Less Attack" on May 1.

The Becky Buller Band had a lot of fun covering this  song. Although B^3 has been performing this live for a few years already on any of their all-gospel sets, this is the first opportunity they've had to record it.

"More Heart, Less Attack"

Becky Buller Band

Live at South Jackson Civic Center

Tullahoma, TN


The Becky Buller Band is:

Becky Buller - fiddle, vocals

Daniel Hardin - bass, vocals

Nate Lee - mandolin, vocals

Ned Luberecki - banjo, vocals

Prof. Dan Boner - guitar, vocals

"More Heart, Less Attack"


Bear & Bo Rinehart, Bear Lee Breathing Music/Downtown DMP Songs/NEEDTOBREATHE Music, BMI

Becky Buller with guest vocalists: Jason Carter, Kati Penn, Sam Bush, Laurie Lewis, and Shawn Camp.

Fiddle Solos: Laura Orshaw, Michael Cleveland, Stuart Duncan, Jason Carter, Deanie Richardson, Johnny Warren, and Sam Bush

Group Fiddlers: All soloists, Bronwyn Keith-Hines, Jason Barie, Katie Penn, Fred Carpenter, Tyler Andal, Brian Christenson, Laurie Lewis, Shawn Camp, Nate Lee, Dan Boner, and Becky Buller

Becky Buller Band:

Becky Buller - Vocals, Fiddle

Ned Luberecki - Banjo

Dan Boner - Guitar, Fiddle, Harmony Vocal

Nate Lee - Mandolin, Fiddle

Daniel Hardin - Upright Bass, Harmony Vocal

Songwriters: Becky Buller/Lynda Dawson

Copyright 2020 Dark Shadow Recording

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