Canadians vote Manchester as top city to visit in 2018

By Jeff Steers, Editor

Our neighbors to the north of the United States are saying Manchester, Tenn., is worth checking out. A recent poll by Expedia Canada Travel Blog voted Manchester as one of the 18 cities people need to visit in 2018. Manchester ranked right up there with Nova Scotia, Hawaii and Tokyo. The Expedia blog noted: “Tennessee, how Canadians love thee. Of all of the 50 states in America, we were surprised to see how often Tennessee showed up on the list. And while Nashville gets quite a bit of love, we happen to think that Manchester—located an hour out of the city—is really where you want to go. Why? One word: Bonnaroo. This 4-day festival is absolutely bonkers and 2018 tickets are already on sale. With 150 shows on more than 10 stages, this place goes off. Be there.” For more information, go to

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