Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival 2018

Jared and Kristyn Corder make up the Nashville band *repeat repeat.

Ever wonder what the bands way down on the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival lineup are all about? The Manchester Times is reaching out to find out about these lesser-known bands – the 5-point type listed near the bottom of the lineup. Here is their story: Jeff Steers, Manchester Times editor When the band *repeat repeat was looking for a female harmony singer to round out the sound, producer Gregory Lattimer said she was already in the room. Front man Jared Corder’s wife, Kristyn, was in the session and chosen to be part of the band. That was four years ago. Today Jared and Kristyn make up the band ready to play the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in June. It is their second time to Manchester, but first time as performers. *repeat repeat will play a number of festivals this summer including Bonnaroo, South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas in March and Shaky Knees in Atlanta, Ga., in May. “Festivals like Bonnaroo are huge to us,” Jared said. “You get to see thousands of new faces at each one. “Living in Nashville, everyone hopes to play Bonnaroo.” The band released its album “Floral Canyon” in September of 2017, but did not have much time to go out on the road. They hope to pick up some new fans this summer. Jared describes the band as Indie rock, but with a unique style. “We call it surfrockcandy,” Jared said. “We mix the surf music from the 1960s, the edgy, guitar driven music with candy pop.” And it all fits together for the duo. Kristyn grew up in California listening to 1960s legends like the Mamas and the Papas and The Everly Brothers. Jared is a former punk-rock kid raised on the sounds of Bad Religion and Black Flag. “We catch a lot of flak for it,” Jared said of the description. “Band-wise, I think we are the B-52s meeting the Artic Monkeys.” Kristyn attended performing arts school in California, but never planned to be a singer. She operates a graphic design business and the plan was to help the band with logos, websites and other designs. “I was not thinking about music when I moved from Los Angeles to Nashville,” Kristyn said. “I intended to travel with Jared, but not be in the band.” Jared said living in Nashville – the country music capital of the world – is an advantage for the band. “Being in Nashville and playing Indie rock makes *repeat repeat stand out,” Jared said. “We would be swimming upstream in Los Angeles or New York.” About the band Name: *repeat repeat Origination: Band founder Jared Corder said he saw the phrase on a shampoo bottle and liked it City: The band is from Nashville Interesting facts: Jared and Kristyn’s second passion – behind music – is rescuing animals. They have three dogs, five cats, a bird and a horse. Bonnaroo: This is the second visit to Bonnaroo for the couple, the first time performing. Jared and Kristyn saw Paul McCartney in 2013. “We love to camp and went with a bunch of friends,” Jared said.

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