Wyatt Nettles




Now it’s 2019; a new year, a good time to get everything checked out.  If you are in some kind of business where you use mileage for taxes, make a note of your mileage.  I know we need to keep up with each trip, but if we note the mileage at the beginning of the year, it will be easier to keep up with.

Now what do we need to do to keep our vehicles in good shape?  Depending on weather, it would be good to wash and clean them, check tire condition, wiper blades, all the lights, check your brakes and check all hoses and belts.

The tires are easy to see if they are worn out, have cracks or have broken belts.  If there is a broken belt in one of the tires, you will notice a wobble when going slow and a vibration at higher speeds.  Your wipers need to clear your windshield well, if not, you need to change the wiper blades.  We can change the blades for you.

The condition of your brakes is important. If they are close, you need to replace them to keep from damaging your rotors or drums.  You will save a lot of money by just checking.

Belts and hoses need to be in good shape so you are not stranded on the road.  Check all lights and if the automatic system works so you will have light in low visibility conditions.