Wyatt Nettles


Keeping Our Cool to Stay Warm


It’s that time of year again: cool mornings are here. We will need the heater to work; warms us up and keeps the windshield clear.

So what is the most common reason for our heater to blow cool air? The coolant level. When the coolant gets a little low, the heater will not blow hot air. The cooling system has enough coolant in it to protect the engine and not show hot on our gauge. So let’s keep a check on our coolant level. If it is low, we need to know where it went.

With most vehicles of today, heating and A/C systems are controlled with computers and electric motors. All of these systems need to work properly. These systems can be checked with a scanner and can easily be diagnosed, but the cost of repairs can be high.

The condition of the cooling system can be a factor also. When a radiator gets stopped up, it will make the engine run hot. That’s because the heat can’t be dissipated through the core. The heater core does the same thing — it will not make the engine run, hot but the heater will blow cool air. So let’s keep our systems clean and full of coolant.

Be sure to also check your anti-freeze levels to be sure your vehicle doesn’t freeze this winter.