Wyatt Nettles


We may not know how everything in modern vehicles runs.  We can read the owner’s manual and still not have a clue how things work.

The anti-lock brakes (ABS) system keeps your wheels from locking up under heavy braking or on slick roads.  When one wheel locks up, it can put your vehicle into a spin.  When the ABS works, the vehicle will stop straight.  When the system activates, it will make noises that might make us think there is something wrong or the brake pedal might pulsate. So we need to be familiar with what happens. To test it, go to a gravel driveway and make the ABS system work by braking hard and see what it does.  Then when the ABS system works, it will not surprise you.

Another system is lighting.  Now we have daytime and auto headlight systems.  The daytime light system is good for other people to see you at all times, but doesn’t turn on your tail lights or marker lights.  So when it is raining or foggy, other people might not see you from the rear.  You need to know how the system works under these conditions and what to do.  You might need to turn on your lights under low visibility conditions.  Learn how these systems work.