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New Snap Fitness owner Tim “the Spiderman” Garrett stands with his employee Chris Garvin. The gym behind them will be completely redone and updated to reflect Garrett’s business model of functional fitness.

Let’s take a moment to address FITNESS & FAILURE! Is failure good or bad? I’ve had than my fair share of failure. Might even be an expert! Some know me as Tim Garrett. Yes, I just gave up my secret identity. Shhh!!!

Does failure or your response to failure define you? Failure certainly forces change! You can embrace it and grow from it or you can kick, scream and cry because of it. You can be challenged by it or run from it. Trying and failing is better than not trying at all! You should not expect to magically succeed without any effort or plan. You must prepare for the challenge and then try. The key point for today is that ‘Failure Forces Change’. You decide if it’s positive or negative.

Failure can force positive change, growth and success if you let it. That’s freaking awesome! Physical failure can actually force the body to adapt and grow. Without failure your progress will slow or stop. This applies to muscular and cardiovascular strength. However, too much failure too fast will likely result in injury and discouragement.

To achieve maximum results for your genetic potential you should methodically and progressively increase work in order to cause failure. This progressive overload allows you to grow and adapt without leaving you broken. This is true unless perhaps some radioactive spider bites you.

Many elements go into being fit and well. A good gym, trainer or coach will be able to guide and/or provide you with the tools to achieve your fitness goals safely and effectively.

At the locally owned family run businesses, Transformation Wellness and Martial Arts (TWMA) and recently acquired Snap Fitness in Manchester “Our mission is to change lives in our community and help people actively pursue and make choices toward a more successful existence.”

At Snap Fitness we provide you the tools necessary to achieve your fitness goals delivering measurable results safely and effectively.

·   Full Service Gym with weights, cardio and functional fitness equipment

·   Myzone Precision Heart Rate Monitoring Technology – Train in Your Zone at Your Level

·   Personal Training and Coaching

Fun Group Classes

·   Yoga

·   R.I.P.P.E.D – Resistance, Internals, Power, Plyometric, Endurance

·   Challenging / Manageable Functional Fitness

·   High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)