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Fitness and ‘The Fountain of Youth!’ Well, I don’t think ‘The Fountain of Youth’ exists but based on studies from the Mayo clinic and Clinical Science, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the overall winner for exercise that helps you stay younger beyond your years. What are the benefits of HIIT? What is HIIT? How do you monitor it? Where is it available?

Among many benefits, participants in the studies saw 49~69% increases in mitochondrial capacity. Decline in mitochondrial capacity over time is the key factor responsible for most age-related physical declines. HIIT rejuvenates the mitochondrial processes in everybody and improves the decline in muscle mitochondria. This improves the performance of all processes and biological functions in the body and seemingly turns back the clock.

HIIT is simply exercising at the proper heart rate intensity and zones in intervals that allow proper recovery. HIIT can be applied to cardio or resistance training for a fast, effective and challenging workout. People of all fitness backgrounds without contraindications will benefit. HIIT doesn't require fancy equipment, just proper understanding. HIIT is one of many training methods and it is as hard as the person doing it makes it.

Some HIIT workouts are less than 10 minutes. The most common mistakes among enthusiasts or trainers is prescribing too much high intensity without enough recovery or not reaching an intensity level high enough. Both are required to elicit the effects of HIIT.

The easiest way to monitor heart rate zones and HIIT is to go to a gym like Snap Fitness in Manchester that offers Myzone heart rate monitoring technology. Snap will be offering group led HIIT functional fitness classes as well as a new top-secret Snap proprietary HIIT technology that will allow Snap members to join HIIT classes almost anytime.