Hardwood vs Engineered

               Is it time to remodel, update, or sell your home? You like the idea of wood floors. How you know what option is the best for your home? There are pros and cons to all flooring materials but here is a quick overview of experience.

Hardwoods- Solid Wood Planks

               Pros: Strong, durable, wide selection of choices in size, color and texture. Hardwood can be refinished. Gives a home a warm luxurious feel.

Cons: Costly and can be labor intensive. They do not retain heat and do not damper the sound. Hardwoods shrink and expand depending on the season and moisture content of your home.

ROI-When done right, new hardwood floors can add up to 2.5 percent to the sale price.

Engineered Hardwood Floors — the top layer is real hardwood, while the core consists of multiple plywood layers laminated together to form a durable plank, or in some cases, high density fiberboard (HDF).

               Pros: Can be ideal for below grade installation (basement) as it is much more resistant to moisture. Fast installation. Installs over subflooring with relative ease.

               Cons: Quality and durability can vary greatly between brands and there are limited refinishing options available. Edges of the panels lack finish and may fray, allowing water in. Does not last as long as real hardwoods.

               ROI- You can recoup your intentional investment, but it rarely increases value. It helps the home to sell quicker and is appealing to the eye.

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