Bonnaroo is right around the corner and just like the groundhog that pops his head up to check out his shadow that will foretell if we are going to see more winter or an early spring, we shall soon see a few hipsters, hippies and scantily clad hips marking what many of us consider to be the beginning of summer.  The Bonnaroonians will arrive and so will the summer heat.

I have worked as a physician for Bonnaroo for a number of years in their medical tents. One of the most common reasons that concert goers end up in the medical tent is due to dehydration. People are different sizes and need different amounts of water. If you want an average, then men need about 3 liters and women need a bit over 2 liters of water per day.

However, if you plan on doing the Roo, you will need more.  Follow this simple rule: When you pee, make sure your urine is a very light yellow (almost clear).  If you are consistently keeping your urine this shade of yellow, you are staying pretty well hydrated.  If, however, your urine is starting to get darker (like an apple juice color), then you are showing signs that you are losing more fluid than you are taking in. 

Don't forget that you are also going to lose a lot of fluid doing the running man dance in those baggy cargo shorts, so you will definitely need to keep pushing the fluids. 

Have a great summer!