Home Inspections Prior to Listing?

Having a home inspection is a protection of your investment in your home.  Inspections are designed to be thorough. Inspections should be from roof to the basement and everything in between identifying issues or potential issues within your home. Information obtained from a home inspection is valuable not only to the buyers but also to the sellers and real estate professionals

Home inspection gives an independent, unbiased report of the property. Inspectors will analyze all major systems and areas of the home. After the inspection, a detailed report is delivered.

A study by the National Association Realtors said the over 80 percent of all real estate transaction are contingent on results of the home inspection. Sellers should have an inspection done when listing their property. Properties with pre-inspections have a history of selling for a higher price and closing faster. Not only does it make the seller aware of any issues that the property might have, but on any issues that could be arise. Repairs can be made before listing the home. With the report, the sellers and the realtor can price the property fairly. Seller can make the house stand out from those that haven’t had a pre-inspection.

When getting a home inspection talk with the inspector, ask what will be inspected.   Ask if the inspector offers a warranty and, if so, what the warranty covers and for how long. Sometimes the inspector will recommend that a professional be called in to take a closer look. Home inspectors don’t make the repairs; they just suggest things that may need addressing.