Why You Should Use a REALTOR When Buying/Selling

Not every real estate agent is a REALTOR. REALTORS are members of the National Association of REALTORS and are held to a strict code of ethics.

REALTORS serve as your guide when buying or selling a home. The process requires several different types of documents. Listing contracts, confirmation of agency, disclosures, sell contracts and inspection reports are just a few forms among many when buying or selling a property. Your REALTOR knows how these legal forms are needed for your transaction. Not having the proper or correct forms can delay or stop your progress.

You should always use a local REALTOR. They know the local market. They know how to use this knowledge to help you price your home or what price to offer when buying. They know what school system the home is zoned for or which cable company or utility company service the property.

The national average is everyone buys or sells every five to seven years. In that time the market and trends can and do change. REALTORS know the changes in laws and regulation.

Buying a house is a business transaction. It’s not a home until you close and move in. Your realtor can help you through the business process. It becomes the new buyer’s home after closing. Sellers must realize it’s no longer their family’s home and can’t get upset when the new buyers make changes.

Your REALTOR will guide you from beginning to close