Wyatt Nettles

First, we had seat belts – those worked okay for the times as there was not as much traffic and traffic was slower, but we did not use them. Then we had systems that would not let the vehicle start, but it was not hard to by-pass. Then we attached shoulder straps to the door so we were strapped in when we closed the door.

Today, we have more traffic and faster times. Vehicles went to airbags and seat belts. Seat belts should be worn on vehicles with airbags. Airbags come at you fast so the use of seat belts slow your approach to the airbag. We need to watch where we put our hands on the steering wheel so our face doesn’t hit our arm in case of an accident. Also when riding as a passenger, we sometimes like to put our feet on the dash, lay back and relax. Try to remember what the airbag will do even with the minor bump to the front of the vehicle.

Now what if your airbag light is on? This does not mean the airbag is going to inflate, but means it will not work in an accident. The seat belt system also works on the airbag system. We have seat pressure switches that tells the system which seats are occupied and if the seat belts are being used. So when the airbag light comes on, get it checked out.