Time to pack up and go somewhere.  Travel can be fun, but let’s be sure to have everything ready.  Let’s be prepared for the worst.  Take water and snacks in the car just in case you break down.  If you do break down on the highway, know what to do.  Try to get to the right shoulder if possible; it is usually the widest and the safest area.  Know what to do and who to contact.  Also know where you are.  You can call me if you need.  I will find someone in your area if you need.

Now, let’s drop the chances of a break down.  Have your vehicle checked out before you leave.  Look at the condition of brakes, tires, hoses and belts.  These are important things in travel in hot weather.  Check your spare and make sure you have a jack and tools to change the tire if needed.  Make sure you know how to use the tools.  Make sure your lug wrench will fit all of your lug nuts.  Check your a/c and make sure it’s cooling properly.  Make sure your wiper blades are clearing the windshield in case of heavy rains.   Even though we check everything, there can still be problems, so be prepared and be safe!

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