With the recent explosion of fitness models on social media, magazines and fitness competitions, it’s no wonder so many people have a complex about their body image or the food they eat. Everyone is selling a new fitness video, special diet, a secret to get abs, or give you the body you always dreamed of. Ugh!


‘Aesthetics’, like six pack abs or being ripped, have little to do with being physically fit or having the ability to survive and thrive in your environment. A very low percent of the population has six-pack abs and it absolutely does not matter as related to being fit. Unless you are a fitness model paid to have abs people generally don’t care.

Fitness and wellness are about living a healthy active lifestyle, but body shaming and food shaming feel like they are at all-time highs. Being skinny is OK, not being skinny is OK, having curves is OK, not having curves is OK, being muscular is OK, not being muscular is OK, every body type is OK! Just be who you are! Focus on being fit. Eat the occasional hamburger or don’t, drink a protein shake or don’t, finish your plate or don’t… Your food choices are your choices. 

You can choose short-term instant gratification or long-term life activity. The choice is yours but there is no reason to throw shade toward others over how they look or what they eat. If you chose longevity of life, find a place that discourages shaming and encourages you to make choices toward improving your ability to survive and thrive in your environment.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

~ George Bernard Shaw

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