There is a lot of things that can leak from our vehicles.  The fact is that most vehicles leak something, just look at all the parking spots in the parking lot.  All spots have spots, fluid that is!

Let’s look at the possibilities.  The main concern of most people is engine oil.  This is the least of my concerns.  Why isn’t the engine oil leak my first concern?  Most of us check engine oil, but we don’t check all other fluids as often.  Just a couple drops of engine oil will make a big spot.  A bad oil leak will be very noticeable.  Yes, they need to be addressed.  We blame leaks on oil consumption, but that is not always true. 

Wyatt Nettles

There are a lot of different fluids that can leak on your vehicle: coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and on some vehicles, differential fluid.

Coolant and transmission fluid are more of a concern to me.  You get low on coolant and overheating can occur.  Low transmission fluid will cause the transmission to slip.  A slipping transmission is a problem.  When the steering fluid leaks you will hear a whining noise.  These can all lead to major vehicle problems.

Don’t let your vehicle overheat or the transmission start slipping because you have not checked the fluids, learn how… or come see us and we will be happy to check your vehicle’s fluids.

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