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As you may have noticed, fall colors are peeking out from rows of lush green trees here and there.  If you see this and worry that the tree is dying or ill, fear not. These trees seem to be as frustrated with this year as we are and are calling it early. Trees can become stressed just like us, and the past year has been challenging for them. Last September, we had a flash drought followed by a mild winter that included constant rains that continued well into the spring. All of this was followed up by a mild early summer and intermittent heat waves. Combined, these abnormal weather events put a strain on trees as they went about their normal vegetative processes throughout the year. Therefore, to rest and recuperate, these trees are moving toward dormancy a little early this year.

Nevertheless, there are several pests and diseases that affect trees here in Tennessee. If you notice excessive browning or curling of the leaves, lesions or spots on the leaves, leaf drop, deformation of the bark, or any other major abnormalities in your trees, especially during the spring and early summer months, reach out the UT-TSU Extension Office. We are happy to look at your trees and help you keep them healthy. Call us at 931-723-5141 or visit fwf.tennessee.edu/extension-forestry/ and UThort.com for more information about trees and other landscaping topics.

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