Food Lovers’ Double Feature: Hulu’s ‘The Next Thing You Eat’ & ‘Taste the Nation’

TASTE THE NATION -- "Burritos at the Border" -- Episode 101 -- El Paso was once part of Mexico. Its border location defines the region’s identity and the complexity of America’s political landscape. Padma eats her way through this border city while discovering the origins of one of America’s most beloved cuisines. Padma Lakshmi, shown. (Photo by: Dominic Valente/Hulu)Taste The Nation (Photo by: Dominic Valente/Hulu) Content Exchange

Looking to take a bite out of some food shows on streaming? Hulu has you covered with two great options right now. Below, find out why you should make Taste the Nation and The Next Thing You Eat your next double feature.

Taste the Nation With Padma Lakshmi: Holiday Edition

(Premieres Thursday, November 4)

Think you know all the classic holiday dishes? Think again. In four special episodes of her cooking and travel series Taste the Nation, Top Chef host and self-described food nerd Padma Lakshmi seeks out minority communities to see what they eat when they celebrate. Items on the menu: potato latkes (for Jewish New Yorkers’ Hanukkah), clam chowder (for the Wampanoag Nation’s Thanksgiving) and whole roasted pig (for Nochebuena, the Cuban Christmas Eve feast).

Light talk about food leads to meatier conversations about the struggles each community has faced. “I want to give our audience the whole story — that’s what makes us human,” Lakshmi explains. “It was very moving to share such intimate moments with the families.” Hearty and heartfelt? Raise a glass to that!

the next thiing you eat hulu

The Next Thing You Eat (Credit: Hulu)

The Next Thing You Eat

(Streaming now)

Robots cooking meals, meat and fish grown in laboratories, delivery by drone…welcome to the wild future of the food business! Famed restaurateur David Chang dives into how the industry is rapidly evolving—and what that could mean for the rest of us—on this fascinating six-part series, featuring guests like actor Danny Trejo. “It’s a peek at what’s around the corner,” says Chang, who notes that while many things may be changing, others stay the same. Two important takeaways: Food will forever unite us, and hamburgers aren’t going anywhere!

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