James Morrison says his dad leaving home when he was young taught him to be a 'better parent' to his own children.

James Morrison says his dad leaving home when he was young taught him to be a "better parent" to his own children.

The 'You Give Me Something' hitmaker - who has two daughters, Elsie and Ada-Rose, with his wife Gill Catchpole - admits he only used to concentrate on the "negative side" of his childhood, but he now tries to look at the positives as well, and he uses to music to help cope if he ever reflects on his "heartbreak and tragedy".

He said: "In a way it taught me how to be a better parent to my own kids. But there are so many reasons why I love my parents.

"My dad was a very hard-working man and he was also very compassionate.

"My mum was extremely strong and determined and was very supportive of me.

"There was a time in my early life when all I could think about was the negative side of my childhood.

"Today, I try to appreciate the negative and positive sides. I've had my fair share of heartbreak and tragedy, but now I try to use my music to deal with it all. My music is my healer."

The 37-year-old singer found it particularly "cathartic" to write songs about his late dad Paul Catchpole - who died of liver disease aged 60 in 2010 - following his father's passing.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, he added: "Just before he died my first daughter, Elsie, was born. So in a way her birth helped me think more about life.

"I then tried to focus on my music in a bid to pull me out of it. I began to write new songs, most of them were quite personal, which talked about my dad - so that was cathartic.

"Becoming a father changed the way I looked at life.

"Because I knew I needed to be there for my daughter. That helped me out of the dark times."

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