Stuart Little was his final role

Kids of the 90s are sure to remember Michael for providing the voice of cartoon mouse ‘Stuart Little’ in the film series based on the classic novel. The bizarre films focus on the Littles, an upper-class family residing in New York who adopts the anthropomorphic rodent and bring him up as their son. Michael provided the voice of the mouse who drove toy cars and played football, but it may surprise you to learn that this was the Hollywood veteran’s last starring role. Apart from voicing a cartoon dog in a small film in 2016, the actor has not had a leading role in a major cinematic release since ‘Stuart Little 2’ in 2002. Before retiring from acting, he made a cameo as himself in 2014’s ‘Annie’ and his final appearance was a minor role in the sci-fi ‘See You Yesterday’ in 2019. Content Exchange Content Exchange