College Street Elementary teacher Allison Beachboard wins Finest Teacher again

Allison Beachboard has won the Manchester’s Finest teacher award. She praised her colleagues and said her focus is on the children she teaches.

 “I am humbled and so undeserving of this,” Beachboard said. “I see what the exceptional teachers in both the Manchester City and Coffee County School Systems do/have done for the children in their classes and our three children: this continually inspires me. Each of mine (Jack, 19, a freshman at UT Knoxville, Luke, 16, a sophomore at CCCHS, and Ansley, 14, an 8th grader at Westwood Middle) have had several teachers that have made huge impacts on their lives and for this I am forever grateful. As a teacher, my desire is to positively impact and truly love the children that I am entrusted with like other teachers have loved mine. Also, as a child, I attended Manchester City and Coffee County Schools and was blessed by teachers who gave of themselves so that their students could find happiness and success.

“I owe so much to mine and my children’s teachers and I know they are truly Manchester’s Finest.”

Great Lakes Cheese congratulates Allison Beachboard.

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