Lynn Anthony

The Times is launching The Community Corner, with locals sharing inspiring, interesting and funny stories, tips and experiences. This week, local artist Lynn Anthony tells a story about a gathering years ago, when the phrase “Pass the orange biscuits” was born.

Amin. Pass the orange biscuits.

Being the mother of two grown children, many of my experiences revolve around certain instances during their childhood.

I am thankful for the memories and I hope sharing them will make you smile too.

We’re a family of foodies – always have been. Most of our vacations were based around where we wanted to eat. If we wanted Mexican food, we went to Mexico. If we wanted Creole, we hit New Orleans. And you can only find Maine lobster in Maine.

Keeping that in mind our children were never shy about food. They were both anxious to try new things and would not hold back if they liked something.

I think Ginny Lynn was about 9 years old when this took place. From the day she was born she was introduced to a good friend of mine, and she grew up with his children.

The kids spent weekends at each other’s houses and were as comfortable with each other’s families as if they were at home.

Ginny often spoke of the “wonderful breakfasts that Mr. Tony made” when she was spending the night there.

There was maple bacon, scrambled eggs with cheese, fresh fruit, and the piece de resistance –the orange biscuits.

There were four children in Tony’s family—so with Ginny they made five, plus the two adults—the table was always full, and Ginny really loved those orange biscuits.

They sat down to eat breakfast and Tony started the meal with a prayer...Blessing each person at the table. He was sure to cover his bases as there were after all five children listening.

Apparently it went on long enough, and with the sound of “Amen,” Ginny blurted out, “Pass the orange biscuits.”

The entire table erupted with laughter. I don’t know that there was even one second between the “Amen,” and her request.

So now, when we really love a food, want more of something or are very anxious to eat, we proudly exclaim, “Amen. Pass the orange biscuits.”

You are welcome to borrow this phrase if you like, but you must share the story of Ginny Lynn and her love of orange biscuits.

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