Coffee County Central High School’s culinary classes and related club will give free pizza to veterans on Veterans Day from 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. at the front entrance.

Family Career Community Leaders of America local chapter president Nayeli Arellano said that the student want to show veterans that they’re valued in our community.

“Veterans have given back to us, so we wanted to support them. Not a lot of people show them that they are being respected,” she said. 

School districts have restricted visitors because of COVID-19, so the event will feature take and bake pizzas.

Culinary teacher Becki Louden said, “We are going to set up a table outside the front entrance and have Veterans come up and pick up a pizza to bake at home. We will just keep the table stocked up.”

The group has planned for making 80 pizzas, but if supplies run out they clubs will offer rainchecks for the following Thursday.

“Our FCCLA club really wants to honor our Veterans it looks a little different this year but it’s kind of fun,” Louden said.

“It’s important for our students to appreciate the service of our service members. It helps them to understand our freedoms. They really enjoy providing the service to our community and being involved. It makes then proud and provides a connection between students and veterans,” Louden said. 

In connection with the event, there was a contest for our club shirt design this year.

“FCCLA Vice President Emily won with her design of a pizza with FCCLA in the middle and we had no idea we were going to be doing take and bake pizzas for veterans this year and our club shirts match our community service so well,” Louden said.

Culinary will be offering patriotic cupcakes and waters complimentary at Veterans Day parade also.





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