CHS faculty to stage second annual faculty show
Coffee County Central High School faculty Allen Kittinger and Jon Higdon work on lines during set construction last week at the school’s theater. “The Nerd!” runs Aug. 11-14 at CHS (Staff photo by John Coffelt).

    Staff Writer John Coffelt Faculty and staff of Coffee County Central High School will return to the school stage this coming Aug. 11-14 for the second annual faculty show, “The Nerd!,” by playwright Larry Shue. Co-lead in the show Jonathan Higdon said that following the success of last year’s faculty show, “Arsenic and Old Lace,” it would be fun to return with fellow faculty for this show. According to Higdon, who plays nerdy Rick in the show (imagine Steve Urkel times 1000, Higdon says), “The Nerd!” tops any list of the funniest shows ever. Higdon, much to the amusement of fellow actors, has spent much of rehearsal down time in character as the loud and brash Rick. Method acting at its finest. Show director Westley Rutledge, English 2-3 teacher, said, “I think what makes this relatable is that everybody has or knows someone in their life that they care for but at the same time, they kinda get to them. For me, I can really draw upon the being too nice to say what you really want to.” Rick is just the type of friend that just won’t go away. Except, he’s not. When main character Willum Cubbert was in the war, Rick Steadman, a man he has never met, saved his life. Now an actor posing as Rick has come to collect on the debt. Willum has become a pushover and won’t step up to save a budding romance or distance himself from job that stifling his creativity. Rick’s presence brings all of William’s problems to a head. “(The show) is comedy of manners and etiquette,” Rutledge said. “It has a lot of physical and verbal comedy.” “The Nerd!” also stars Allen Kittinger, Amanda Monroe, Chris Wagner, Deuce Anderson, Betsy Phillips and J Rewczuk. Shows are 7 p.m., Friday, Aug. 11, Saturday, Aug. 12, at 2 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 13 and Monday Aug. 14 at 3:30 p.m. Tickets are adults, $9 and students, $7. For reservations, email