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Joe Pedigo holds the preliminary plans for North Coffee Elementary School’s renovations for the Coffee County Board of Education to inspect. OLG Engineer Dean Oliver (left) points out the difference in the planned addition, such as a new gym with a stage and seven new classrooms. 

North Coffee Elementary School.

The new construction, known as the B building, will include a new gym (middle school regulation sized), a new music room, four new kindergarten classrooms, three new first grade classrooms and a new library. The current cafeteria will be used to expand the kitchen and the current gym will turn into a new cafeteria.

The county has a budget of $5 million for the project – any higher would amount to a tax increase. Budget and Finance Committee members are refinancing the remaining $4.3M on a $7.6M loan (Z-6-A) that was issued in 2008 at a 4.75 percent interest rate. Refinancing the loan will create an estimated $460,00 in savings.

“We still need to whittle that down some because we have not only the construction and building, we have the engineering and architectural fee, we have the geotechnical fee, we have surveying and a lot of other things that come out of that so we need to probably get this down to around $4.2-4.3 million,” interim Director of Schools Joe Pedigo.

The Board of Education approved six of 10 bid packages, rejected two and decided to wait on the remaining two to allow negotiations to move forward.

The ones they approved total to about $2.14M. It includes site work done by Wayne Mullins for $167K; asphalt work done by Hensley at $94,200; concrete work done by S&S Contractors for about $359K; masonry work done by Kean Construction for $720K; plumbing done by C&H Commercial Contracting from $190,644; and Electrical and fire alarm, done by Lawson Electric for $611K.

The board rejected a bid for a pre-engineered metal building, which would have cost nearly $560K.

“I think there’s some extra money we can save on that piece of work,” said Dean Oliver of OLG Engineering.

The other rejected bid item is the HVAC, which was estimated to cost $657. Both items will be rebid.

Dean Oliver of OLG Engineering does not expect prices to rise by the time he is ready to bring new bids to the board.

Oliver believes he can hit the district’s price goal of $4.2-4.3M. 

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