Area schools celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with feasts and dress.


(watch a video of Mrs. Jacobs class musical)

College St. pre-K holds Thanksgiving program and feast

Mrs. Heather Jacobs’ pre-K class at College Street Elementary School held a Thanksgiving program Monday for the students’ parents. The students and guests then had a Thanksgiving feast. Pictured is Harley Youngblood trying to decide if she likes the holiday’s venerable fowl. She is wearing one of the Thanksgiving costumes the class made for the program.

Pre-K dresses for the holiday

The pre-K at Hickerson Elementary School enjoyed making Native American costumes.  Recently they all dressed in their costumes and enjoyed a Thanksgiving lunch. Pictured are pre-k students Annalis Reed, Tristan Spencer and Kaden Vassar.

Giving thanks beyond borders

Dakota Howard, left, and Kera McFarlane of Mrs. Hilary (Florence) Statum’s kindergarten class write on Monday to their pen pals in Canada about the American Thanksgiving holiday. The class recently received letters from their Canadian counterparts about those student’s holiday, held on the second Monday in October.