Micro Craft, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has created an Apprentice Machinist Award Program. 

This program has been designed to support the local community surrounding its manufacturing facility in Tullahoma, Tennessee. The award program is for area high school students in Bedford, Coffee, Franklin, Lincoln, and Moore counties who plan to pursue a technical career in machining. 

This award program promotes Micro Craft’s unyielding commitment in developing a highly skilled manufacturing workforce to address the current skills gap in the manufacturing industry.

Each year, Micro Craft, Inc. will select one candidate from the surrounding counties for our Apprentice Machinist Award Program. The program works in conjunction with the Tennessee Promise Scholarship for a student who will be enrolled in the Machine Tool Technology program at the Tennessee Center for Applied Technology (TCAT) and the Micro Craft Apprenticeship Program. The Micro Craft Apprenticeship Program is an approved Department of Labor (DOL) program that provides a Journeyman Machinist Card upon completion.

The winner will be notified in May of their senior year of high school. The recipient is required to attend TCAT Shelbyville and will enroll in the Machine Tool Technology program to learn the theoretical aspects of the job. The recipient will work at Micro Craft, Inc. as a part-time employee applying the skills acquired at TCAT Shelbyville.  Students interested in this award should contact their school’s Guidance Counselor, apply via the Micro Craft website (www.microcraft.aero), or contact Ms. Jennifer Savard (human resource representative at jennifer.savard@microcraft.aero).

About Micro Craft

Since 1958, Micro Craft, Inc. has provided support to the aerospace industry, NASA, and the Department of Defense (DOD) with prototype models and flight hardware. Micro Craft, Inc. is a certified Small Business that is AS9100 Rev. D certified, providing engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance, and testing services to the aerospace and defense industry.

Micro Craft’s engineering team provides design and analysis services for a wide range of applications such as the conceptual and final design of subscale wind tunnel models; structural and thermal analysis; complex assembly design;  and  electrical,  manufacturing,  and  reverse  engineering. Coupling our expert engineers with our skilled machinists allows us to perform a broad range of machining and assembly.

Micro Craft’s machining capabilities include 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC milling, CNC contour turning and boring, and Wire and Die-Sink Electrical Discharge Machining.