Motlow 2019 Students honored

Motlow State Community College honored students in the Motlow State Psi Beta Honor Society. From left, Alan Webb, Summer Pritchard, Claire Mason, Luke Melton, Dr. Stephen Guerin, Psi Beta chapter advisor; Jesse Smotherman, Mary-Elizabeth Gibbons, Carina Vazquez Nunez, and Carlee Cowan.

Motlow State Community College honored Coffee County’s Claire Mason and Mary-Elizabeth Gibbons at Student Recognition Day held on the Moore County campus. They are members of the Motlow State Psi Beta Honor Society.

“Dr. [Stephen] Guerin was the founding faculty sponsor of Psi Beta and has been its mentor since its inception,” said Terri Bryson, Vice President of External Affairs and Workforce Innovation. “Membership in co-curricular organizations such as Psi Beta is key in developing a student’s scholarly level of insight into topics that motivate their personal learning. Research also indicates that student engagement in co-curricular programs is a critical success factor in degree completion. Psi Beta students build lasting relationships and they have a great time with the projects and events Dr. Guerin organizes.”

The other students recognized were Warren County’s Luke Melton, Bedford County’s Alan Webb, Jesse Smotherman and Carina Vazquez Nunez and Lincoln County’s Careleee Cowan.