Alyssa Freeze

Alyssa Freeze was chosen to sing the National Anthem to open the First General Session of the Tennessee State Beta Convention at Opryland Hotel on Nov. 19.

A Westwood Middle School student was selected to sing the National Anthem on Monday, Nov. 19 to open the First General Session of the Tennessee State Junior Beta Convention at Opryland Hotel in Nashville.

Seventh grader Alyssa Freeze will be singing in front of nearly 6,000 Beta Club members, according to the National Beta Club state convention handbook. 

“I’ve sang the National Anthem in a few places, football games, nothing this big,” she said.

“I’ve been especially excited because it will be in front of a lot more people than usual,” Freeze added.

Darryl Deason approached Freeze’s mother through email to ask if the 13-year-old would be interested in singing the anthem. Deason has worked with Freeze in the past and knows what she is capable of. Freeze’s mother accepted and told her the news when they were in the car.

“I’m really excited about it. It feels really cool to have this opportunity,” Freeze said.

Freeze sung the National Anthem at local sports games in the past and has been featured in numerous plays, both local and out of the county. The 13-year-old is very active in theatre and loves performing.

As a young expert, she knows how to handle her nerves before approaching the microphone. Freeze hands her hands out or twiddles her thumbs to help release the nervous energy. Even if the shakes continue, they are out of her system by the time her first note has been sung.

A local star in the making, Freeze can also be seen in the local Christian film “If You’re Gone,” in the upcoming “Bonnie and Clyde” play in Warren County as Young Bonnie and in WMS’s production of “It’s a Wonderful Life” as the Announcer.

She currently wants to pursue a professional acting career and dreams about either staying local or going to New York.

As for this opportunity, Freeze extended her thanks to her mother and to Deason for making it possible for her to sing open the Beta convention.

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