Finest firefighter Zack Rhoton thanks the community

Manchester Fire and Rescue’s Zack Rhoton is this year’s recipient of the Manchester’s Finest Firefighter award. Zach is committed to keeping the people Manchester safe and informed.

 “My favorite part of the job is being there to eradicate the problem for the citizens of Manchester when they are in dire need,” Rhoton said. “I also enjoy teaching the public about fire safety as I believe it is imperative to educate the citizens about what to do and how to react to a fire emergency in their home especially younger children.

 “It is an incredible honor to be voted by the citizens of Manchester as finest firefighter. When I became a full-time firefighter, my ultimate dream had come true. This is the best career in the world and the job is very self-fulfilling. Each day I work I give my all to be a better firefighter for the citizens of my town as do the rest of my department. I believe that Manchester can rest easy at night knowing that Manchester Fire and Rescue is there for them if they ever may have an emergency.”

Great Lakes Cheese congratulates Zack Rhoton.

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