Pictured from left are Park Manager Keith Wimberley, Park Ranger Leigh Gardner, Friends of Old Stone Fort Member At Large Peggy Delaney, Tennessee Trails Association President Mary Etta Ward, FoOSF President Brian Wofford, FoOSF Secretary Joan Hartvigsen, TTA Chapter Chair Tom Bentley III.

-Photo provided

The Tennessee Trails Association recently awarded its Evan Means Grant to the Friends of Old Stone Fort for the creation of an arboretum.

An arboretum is a labeled collection of trees and woody plants. Visitors hiking through the arboretum will be able to learn more about the trees in the area through new signage to be installed with the funds awarded through the Evan Means Grant.

This project is slated to be completed before the end of the year. Old Stone Fort Park Staff appreciate all of the hard work the Friends of Old Stone Fort put into keeping the park pristine for all of our park guests.



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