Manchester’s Finest Nurse is Kathy Highland. Highland is a nurse practitioner at Highland Family Clinic.

“I perform physical exams, write proscriptions and try whole-heartedly to promote wellness and prevention of illness and disease,” Highland said. “The favorite part of my job has been knowing patients over a period of over 20 years. Some I have taken care of since infancy and been able to watch grow into adults.

“My family includes my husband Jack Bush who is known locally as the John Deere man, son Jacob Hockstedler and daughter in law Tami Hockstedler, grandchildren Blake and Kailene and son Robert Hockstedler,” Highland said. “Our family enjoys spending time outdoors. We like to camp and hike. Personally, I promote wellness by going to the Rec Center regularly. I will not ask someone to do something that I would not do myself.”

“Winning the award is very special because it means that patients I have taken care of feel as though I have given them special care that deserves recognition,” Highland said.

Great Lakes Cheese congratulates Kathy Highland.

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