EVERYTHING BUT SPORTS: Coming to a knowledge of the truth

First Kings 3 is one of those ambiguous Bible chapters. It begins by saying that Solomon sinned by making offerings at the high places (1 Ki. 3:3). And yet at one of these unauthorized high places God appears to Solomon in a dream and offers to give him whatever he asks for. Why doesn’t the Lord mention that Solomon is, technically, being disobedient simply by approaching him at that high place? In any case, Solomon asks for wisdom and receives that and more from God. And after he wakes up, Solomon does something significant. He goes to Jerusalem and makes offerings where he was supposed to be making them all along. In this case, at least, blessing came before obedience–full obedience, at least. It’s a good thing the Lord is patient and merciful. As we learn elsewhere, he desires for everyone “to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth” (1 Tim. 2:4). Good thing he wants us to come to that knowledge. Even Solomon would have been in trouble if God expected us to be there from the start.   From the upcoming book, Think Again!, Copyright 2007, 2013 A. Milton Stanley