FWIW, I really did post this on Wednesday, but it was late, so that instead of posting it in the “Religion” category, I put it up “Uncategorized.”  Reason is a wonderful tool, and we constantly use it in everyday life. But for some matters, reason fails us. For example, nothing is more reasonable than cause-and-effect: whatever happens is caused by something else. But cause-and-effect—and most other rules of logic—break down when we start talking about God. Too many questions aren’t answered reasonably: If God created everything, then who created God? How can Jesus be both God and man at the same time? How can Christians be both predestined for salvation and held accountable for faith and obedience? How can the Bible be both the Word of God and the product of human hands? We can spin in logical circles for centuries and never answer those questions adequately. Reason is good and useful, but there are places where it simply won’t run. That’s where we have to quit depending on our own minds and trust in God.   From the upcoming book, Think Again!, copyright 2007, 2013, A. Milton Stanley