I was sick at home and didn’t write anything yesterday. I’m happy to say, though, that a question arrived for next week’s Monday mailbag, so that feature won’t be going away after all. Let me also point out that this will be the last post for me on this page this week, so it’s also Theological Friday, I suppose. Today’s thoughts are brief and not particularly erudite, but they offer what I consider a fascinating look at the world through a theological lens. Last month I wrote about the

of thinking that a person’s sex or gender is a matter of choice, rather than a matter of cold, hard, reality based on chromosomes. This month I’m struck with another truth related to that mass delusion:


–slide seemingly by default into the belief that the sexes are interchangable, two main groups still oppose this foolish idea on basic theological grounds: Bible-believing Christians and Moslems. As an American I consider radical Moslem jihadists to be my enemies. They use

such as indiscriminate, mass bombings against innocent human beings because they really do, as simplistic as it may sound, resent the personal freedoms enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. I hate not only the attacks by radical jihadists on our way of life but the freedom-threatening reactions (



, etc.) by our own side. And yet “our own side” are the same Americans who use our freedoms to


, and pretend that the

. If all radical Islamists know of the United States is the filth that popular media spew over the airwaves and Internet, then it certainly doesn’t in any way excuse their actions, but at least it goes a long way in explaining their anger. So where does that leave American Christians who hold to biblical standards of holiness? Morally, at least, we’re on the same page with our political and military enemies. You could argue that based on radical Islam’s


and the propensity in some Islamic countries to

, the sexual standards of Islam are by no means as high as those of the New Testament. And of course, there’s plenty of violence by Moslems not only against Western values, but

. Yet the troubling point remains: when it comes to “marriage equity,” “gay rights” and other sexual issues, Christians are closer to


than to

. Talk about a rock and a hard place. Does anyone else find this troubling?   I serve as sports writer for the Manchester Times and preacher and elder for the Church of Christ at Fredonia. The ideas expressed here, however, are my own and do not necessarily reflect the official position of either the Times or the church. You can reach me by email at mtsports@lcs.net.

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