It’s time once again for a collection of links to some of the best writing around the web this week. You know, I’d never seen such strong evidence before, but I guess for a long time I’ve felt this in my gut:

. At his blog Matt Walsh offers some good


To put it simply: If you know for a fact that you would never marry a certain person, then you shouldn’t be in a romantic relationship with them. Knowingly staying in a relationship without a future is like riding a dying horse into the desert. It’s a slow, painful death march, and there is no chance of it working out in your favor. So go ahead and date, but date with a purpose. Date with a goal. Date with your eyes toward marriage. I know that might seem old fashioned. In fact it is old fashioned, which is why you should listen to it.

Good point. I recommend reading Matt’s

. I also recommend his essay, “

.” Jeff Weddle also cuts to a similar point in writing that “

.” And he takes it even deeper in “

.”   At Cerulean Sanctum, Dan Edelen offers a 1

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