, Jeff Weddle shares some brief, poignant thoughts about the problem with the doctrine of “faith alone.” Lee Stranahan, in Beirut to write about refugees from the Syrian civil war, asks,

? I’ll leave you with a few reminders from U.S. current events. First, Matt Walsh

that U.S. military installations, of all places, are among the gun-free zones targeted in recent years by mass shooters. Here’s a sample:

I love this country, I really do. But we’ve got a brand of stupid in this nation that I doubt you’d find anywhere else on Earth… Requiring military members to be disarmed on military bases and in military installations? Two mass murders in the span of a few years, and yet this policy remains? Back in the Roman days, soldiers were required to be armed at all times, under penalty of death. Yet here we confiscate their personal firearms and tell them to keep their military issued weapons locked away, which leads DIRECTLY to these sorts of situations. What the hell is wrong with us? The first responders got there in seven minutes, which is an incredible response time. But there should have been return fire immediately. We trust these people to fight wars, operate battleships, fly jets, drop bombs, use drones, go on Special Forces missions, but we don’t think they’re competent or psychologically stable enough to carry a weapon to work without accidentally shooting each other?

You can read Mr. Walsh’s whole essay

. Next, Media Research Center finds that network news departments all reported on Tom DeLay’s conviction in 2010, but are

. Finally, as the IRS scandal

, let’s remember that the victims of this scandal have

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