Last week I shared urgent words and warnings from highly respected Christian leaders who encouraging a course of civil disobedience in the event that the Supreme Court soon moves to legalize same-sex marriage.

By Janet Galyen

In preparing for my column this week, I almost do not know where to begin. I have read so many grave, dark, and heavy news reports on the threat that faces marriage and religious freedom in America. Those who know me know that I am rarely without opinion. I confess my struggle with humility. I do indeed wish that thus far in my life I would have better mastered the scriptural admonition to be “slow to speak” so that now … when there are urgent, urgent words to be spoken … there would be a greater likelihood that folks will heed what I have to share. Nevertheless, I will proceed. Dark and evil times are upon us. We must not be uninformed. Here is a very simple summary of the current marriage debate as I understand it: The Supreme Court has decided that it will determine whether or not the current language of the Constitution allows for homosexual marriage to be legal. The question before the judges is not: “Is same-sex marriage a good or bad policy?” The question is simply: “Is homosexual marriage allowed by the Constitution?” In answer to that question—the definition of “marriage”—the Constitution is silent. And so, according to the very words of the Constitution, this means that the people and their elected representatives are the ones to determine the legal definition of marriage. This has already been done. In 39 of our states, the people have decided via democratic, electoral process that marriage should be legally defined as the union of one man and one woman. However, in 26 of those states, judges have overruled the clear decision of the people. We therefore find ourselves at the current crossroads: under the authority of Supreme Court judges who believe that they have the right to once-and-for-all settle the question of what sort of consenting adult relationship is the proper definition of marriage. If the Supreme Court establishes by law same-sex marriage within the Unites States, they will elevate it to a civil rights issue. Therefore, just as it is now illegal for both a business and a church to refuse to hire a person because they are black, it will also be illegal for all such entities to refuse to hire a person because they are homosexually wed. If, then, a church which holds-to the Bible’s warnings against homosexuality refuses to hire a minister who is homosexual, they are violating the law. Speaking against homosexuality will not be far behind as a widely-accepted hate crime. Churches will be punished and stripped of their tax-exempt status (which will quickly cause church doors to close) and leaders could be imprisoned. This is the day in which we live. This is what is now upon us. No exaggeration. Please, please inform yourself and those Christ-followers that you know and love. Why? So that we may all be prepared in our response to the Supreme Court’s decision, and so that the evangelical mission of the church may not be too horribly hindered by the stripping of religious liberty in America. May we, as the early church in the book of Acts, become only more impassioned by the persecution that looms ahead. Here are some strong and clear news articles that I have drawn-upon. I recommend them to you so that you can learn for yourself about this issue rather than just having to take my word for it: (If The Supreme Court Imposes Same Sex Marriage, You Could Lose Your Church) (Dobson: ‘Fall of Western Civilization at Hand’) (Top Christians Prep Civil Disobedience Over Marriage) (What You Need to Know About Gay Marriage and the Supreme Court) (Religious Leaders: Gay Marriage a Peril to Liberty)