Anne of Green Gables

Westwood Elementary School participated in national read aloud day Feb. 5 with the help of members of the community, and some of faculty and students from neighboring Westwood Middle School.

“Within the halls of Westwood Elementary, there is a group of faculty who love reading. I mean really, really love reading,” said Rebecca Welch Assistant Principal of Westwood Elementary School.

 She said the Accelerated Reading Committee is dedicated to providing reading incentives and celebrations around reading language arts throughout the school year.

“Teachers worked diligently to prepare projects and invite guest readers to enrich the day’s celebration. Collaboration was a huge part of today’s success. If you were a student at WES today, you may have witnessed the Living Literature Displays created by our fifth graders in our Commons Area. You may have sauntered by another fifth grade class to witness a powerful Poetry Slam happening live,” Welch said.

Younger grades teamed up with older grades for buddy reading and created some of the sweetest moments of the day as buddies patiently encouraged his or her partner.

Westwood’s cafeteria was full of excited kindergarten students who welcomed guests from Sherrill Pest Control to read about bugs. Later in the afternoon, Mrs. Lesli Sherrill’s kindergarten class performed Jan Brett’s “The Mitten” for a fifth grade class eagerly waiting to applaud the young performers. At 1 p.m., first grade was the place to be. Volunteer readers from Motlow Community College provided read alouds about electricity and other interesting subjects. The student engagement was most shocking.

The event not only took place on campus, but off campus as well. The fourth grade walked across a wet drive to hear a portion of chapter two of “Anne of Green Gables,” then witnessed the words come to life as Karen Lewis’ Theater 1 Class took the stage.

The downtown Manchester Arts Center partnered with the second grade. Students filled the rows anticipating the mystery readers.

Volunteers included several representatives of the Millennium Repertory Company, a guest from University of the South, retired WES teacher Mary Jane Crites, and Beverly Harmon from Barnes and Noble of Murfreesboro.

“Students and teachers alike felt the energy in the halls today and look forward to World Read Aloud Day 2021,” Welch said.

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