Company aims for healthier workforce

Making up the health team at VIAM is Dr. Brad Schapiro, D.C.; Elisabeth Sain, PT and NC; Vicki Jones, CFNP; Sonia Carlton, LPN; and Brittany Miller, CTA. Dr. Sam Ables, D.C. is not pictured.

One Coffee County business is making employee health their business as VIAM is offering their workers a wide array of wellness initiatives.

Health and Wellness is an ever-growing topic amongst every community,” said company health and wellness coach Lis Sain. “It is one of the most searched out topics in all social media platforms because we all want to know what the secret is to getting healthy. When your health is taken from you its then that you realize nothing else matters. All your hard earned money, your expensive cars, your planned vacation; it is of no use to you if your body can’t be healthy enough to enjoy it. In the same hand we spend most of our life chasing after money.”

Sain said that typically you have both parents working 8+ hours or the ever growing single parent families working double shifts. The added stress of work demands this generation carries definitely contributes to poor health. The secret you all search for is to finally understand that your health can be a liability or it can an asset just like your finances. It can take away all the values that you have worked so hard for or it can bring more value to everything you have worked for.

“When it comes to your health, your career, and your family; you realize with time that these three things will always overlap each other,” she said. “You can’t have one without the other and have a happy environment.”

VIAM’s CEO Keith Hayes was a step ahead of the game when he realized that in order to have a healthy growing business he needed to have a healthy growing community of people within that business.

“It only makes sense to bring wellness into the atmosphere where the average person spends over 70% of their time on a daily basis,” Hayes said. “Coming from Atlanta, and being in the Health and Wellness Industry for over 12 years, I have watched the larger cities and companies evolve into a healthier community. The research shows that it helps with company turnover, insurance cost, and produces a more reliable, productive and happy employee which in turn saves the company money. It’s a win-win situation.”

Hayes started off with offering a full time clinic with chiropractors, Dr. Brad Schapiro and Dr. Ables along with a nurse practitioner Vickie Jones. He then went on to hire Lis Sain as full time health and wellness coach offering nutrition and exercise programs that now completes the circle of his Health Team leaders.

“We work together to help offer employees a physical, mental, and spiritual well-being that builds a healthier person at work and at home,” Sain said.

“When you are looking for a career you have to look at more than just your paycheck. What else does your company offer that brings you well-being and longevity? Not just for you but something that you can take home to your family as well. We all want to get promoted at work so you need to do the same with your health and bring it up to a higher standard than its current position. When an employer sees a healthy, reliable and strong person they are more likely to give the higher position to that person. As you see, it all goes hand in hand.

I am very pleased to work for a company that promotes health and well-being because I know if the employees are healthy then the company is healthy. If the company is growing in assets that assures me a better chance for growth in my career as well.”

VIAM Manufacturing Inc. provides high quality, custom design floor, trunk and cargo mats for the automotive industry such as Toyota, Nissan and more. The Coffee County location provides jobs for around 500 employees.

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