Laurie Winton

Laurie Winton

A business opened its doors downtown. Laurie Winton, Licensed Professional Counselor, moved her practice from Nashville to Manchester recently and opened her doors to clients during the second week of January.

Winton specializes in depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationship issues (not just for couples), grief, residual family issues, stress, coping skills, and has  done some work with PTSD and helping with suicidal thoughts. She accepts clients over the age of 16.

In 2014, she began her work in Nashville, but family circumstances called for her to move closer to her parents. Winton came to Manchester because of that and because she noticed there weren’t any counseling/therapy options in the area.

“That was even more exciting to think you could hopefully provide a service and fulfill a need in this area, not just in Manchester,” Winton said, after noting the lack of counseling services in the area. “That’s one of the reasons why I said I wanted to be in Manchester.”

Winton believes everyone will probably need a little help at some point in her life, if not multiple points, that extends beyond what friends or family can offer. A majority of her clients aren’t diagnosable and seek help because they lost a loved one, a friend, are stressed, have anxiety or other unresolved problems that weigh on them.

“A lot of what I’ve done is depression and anxiety related just because it’s so common these days,” Winton said.

“It’s no different than if you cut your leg,” she continued. “If you cut your leg and ignore it, it’s going to get worse…but if you address it and treat it with medication and whatever therapy it needs, it might scar, but it will get better.

“Most are emotional wounds and they need to be treated jus the same as medication of physiology wounds we have,” Winton concluded.

Going to a counselor or therapist is not a lifelong commitment and does not always lead to diagnoses, Winton stressed. She has had clients for a few months, some that only come in once a month now because they enjoy checking in, and others who have been with her for over a year.

“I think we have pretty high expectations of ourselves for what we are supposed to deal with easily, but it’s okay to say ‘this is hard, I don’t know how to deal with this, I need help,’” Winton said.

At an early age, Winton said she was acutely aware that people need help. In high school, she was the person all of her friends would go to for advice. The older she got, the more she began to recognize the pain and how she could help. To this day, Winton prides herself in being in tune with people who are having a difficult time and being a good listener.

Winton, who came into counseling later in her life, graduated with her master’s degree from Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville in 2013. She currently works fulltime at the Arnold Air Force Base while her practice is taking root in Manchester.

A few of her clients from Nashville make the trip down the Manchester to continue seeing her.

“It kind of underscores the importance of relationships with the therapist,” Winton said, adding it also is an indicator of success.

Winton’s firm is open Monday and Thursdays after 3 p.m. for appointments, and most Saturday mornings. She will be looking to add more days as demand increases. If interested, call Winton’s office at 931.954.2476.

Her office does not accept insurance.

“A lot of insurance companies, almost all, require a diagnoses from me to get paid,” Winton explained. “Some mental diagnoses follow you for the rest of your life. I would rather not assign a diagnoses on someone just to get paid.”

She accepts private pay – cards, cash and checks – and does have a sliding scale reduced fee for people who qualify. All of the rates are discussed with the client before their first appointment.

“I’m excited to be here. I’m really looking forward to helping the community I grew up in and hopefully providing a service from what I gather and hear from everyone, that is much needed,” Winton said.

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