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The inaugural print edition of “Manchester Living” is inserted inside this week’s (Oct. 10) print edition of the Manchester Times.

The 24-page, glossy magazine was announced in late June and is the first of what will be four over the course of the next year, with future magazines scheduled to publish in January, April and July, before year two of the magazine begins in October 2019.

The magazine concept was developed to enhance coverage of living in Manchester – from shopping to recipes, events, farm and garden, student spotlights, fashion, day trips, traditions and personal features.

“Our lifestyles content has long been one of the favorite features of our newspaper,” said Times publisher Josh Peterson. “We launched this magazine concept to not only expand that content, but to give it a platform to really stand out for our readers, our local businesses and our community as a whole.

“As great as our weekly newspaper is, lifestyles features, photos and other similar content could be better displayed in a more feature-friendly medium. I firmly believe that our readers are going to not only enjoy this content, but find it extremely useful in finding their way around Manchester. We will be deploying about 1,000 copies across town in locations that will allow readers access to the content, even if they don’t normally read the newspaper.”

The October edition features the upcoming Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, with an emphasis on local businesses and people. The January edition is already in the works.

Magazine content was primarily produced by Manchester Times lifestyles editor John Coffelt, with oversight from editor Casey Watts.