Jane Cortner

After 45 years, Peoples Bank and Trust Company Head Teller Jane Cortner is retiring from her fulltime position. She will be part time for now and plans on spending her newly found free time traveling and spending time with family and friends. 

After 45 years in her career at Peoples Bank and Trust Company, head teller Jane Cortner is ready to retire from her fulltime position. Her last full day was Dec. 31.

She will be working part time at the bank while she transitions into retirement.

“I have seen many changes in the years that I have worked at Peoples Bank,” Cortner said. “I started bookkeeping, where we would file checks alphabetical by hand. For posting entries to customer accounts, we use an Electronic Computing/Accounting Machine with magnetic striped ledger.

“Today, we use computers to enter all the customer’s transactions and scan our work here at the bank. Our customers’ transactions are posted to their accounts automatically – in real time,” she added.

In her 45 years, she’s worked in several departments and held many positions. She’s been a bookkeeper, loan teller, proof operation, brank office teller, safe deposit box attendant and head teller.

In her tenure, she’s worked under four bank presidents, Dave King, Wayne Bramblett, Elmer Morris and Philip Calahan, and has worked with 99 different coworkers.

She didn’t always want to be in a bank, however. Her original goal after graduating from Coffee County Central High School in 1971 was to be a secretary. She attended Draughon’s Business College for a year before she was approached and asked to apply for a position at Peoples Bank and Trust Company. She did so and the rest fell into place.

“What I have enjoyed about working here at Peoples Bank is working with my fellow coworkers. We are a close-knit family,” Cortner said.

She added that she’s enjoyed helping the customers and getting to know them.

“The atmosphere here is very friendly and we take time to have personal relationships with our customers, getting to know them as individuals and to help them,” she said.

To anyone looking to spend their career with one company for a long time, she offered this advice: put your best foot forward, stress to work hard and if things happen at work or coworkers do you wrong, let it go and focus on working to build a friendly work environment.

As she retires, the Hillsboro native is looking forward to spending time with her friends and family, as well as travelling more. In 2019, she has her sights set on going to Germany and Austria.

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