Long Life Chiropractic and Wellness

Long Life Chiropractic and Wellness opened its doors to patients on May 13. Pictured is Kaylyn Morgan, Dr. Brandon Long and Christi Long with their daughter Cori.

A new chiropractic clinic opened in town. Long Life Chiropractic and Wellness is focused on treating the whole problem so their clients can live the life they want.

Dr. Brandon Long, a lifelong Manchester resident, began the practice this year and officially began seeing clients on May 13. He and his wife Christi, who is the office manager, run the business together. Long, who began seeing a chiropractor when he was a teen due to lower back pain caused by Olympic-style weight lifting and joining the military, knows how important it is to treat more than the pain.

“Being an athlete, I do focus on performance. That applies to everyone – we’re all athletes to the sport of life,” Long said.

“It’s not just about getting out of pain, it’s about getting better,” Long added.

What sets him apart is he wants to be involved with the community and businesses that promote healthy lives.

“I don’t want to just adjust them and send them on their way; I want to address the problem – nutritional or fitness – so the patient can live their best life,” Long said.

To do that, he plans on partnering with local business and showcase them on his website. His website has a community tab that shows events, local businesses and a health initiative, more details are coming soon.

He also has no target market.

“I love working with pregnant women as well as athletes – really, anyone with a spine,” Long said.

He saw the benefits of chiropractic had on his wife Christi, who recently gave birth to their daughter, and wants to continue helping in that way.

Long began his schooling at Middle Tennessee State University and studied business entrepreneurship. At the time, he was working in his father’s saw business and the classes did not interest him. He transferred to finish his undergraduate degree in kinesiology at Tennessee Tech University. From there, he became interested in chiropractic services.

His father, Carlton, had been seeing a chiropractor for 20-25 years. His dad was told that he needed a spine fusion, which he did not want. He found a chiropractor and since then, his joints have maintained their condition, despite not getting the surgery.

Long himself began seeing a chiropractor in his teens due to lower back pain. He was in the military and did Olympic style weightlifting. The chiropractor helped him tremendously and made him feel better.

“I wanted (clients) to live the lives they want to live,” Long said.

Long Life Chiropractic and Wellness offers competitive pricing and a free consultation to see if chiropractic is what the client really needs.

Long Life Chiropractic and Wellness can be found at 302 S. Woodland St. They can be contacted at 931-954-5212 or through their website, www.longlifechiro.com.

“We look forward to seeing you,” Long said.

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