Jeff Steers, editor

Premier Lawn Care owner Brandon Imhoff says the company donated landscaping material and services to a newly installed sign at the Coffee County Sheriff’s office. -Staff photos by Jeff Steers

Premier Lawn Care owner Brandon Imhoff used to dread seeing snow fly in Tennessee and the surrounding areas. It meant some of the jobs – which needed to be completed – had to be done under trying circumstances without some of the necessary equipment. That has changed over the years for the company that has been in business for nearly 25 years. Premier Lawn Care expanded to the snow removal business a couple of years ago to fill a demand. “We started the snow removal business after seeing the demand from our commercial, industrial and corporate clients to ensure their employees, customers, suppliers and vendors have safe access,” Imhoff said. “We have quickly grown to employ a large fleet of snow plow trucks, salt trucks, skid steers with snow ploys and snow pushers. “This makes us one of the largest snow removal companies in middle Tennessee.” During the recent snow storm nearly a month ago, Premier travelled to Winchester, Tullahoma, Shelbyville, McMinnville and the Murfreesboro area. Imhoff said he also has subcontractors in Pulaski, Memphis, Nashville, Springfield and Clarksville areas. “We get calls every year to travel out of state and assist with snow removal,” Imhoff said. “This year after we finished up with snow removal in our area, we were asked to go to Charlotte, N.C., for six days to help with snow removal.” The company started as an outdoor lawn care business on the side for Imhoff. It quickly grew into a career. “I wanted to make a career of it, so I started with one truck, a trailer, mower and very limited equipment,” Imhoff said. “I did lawn care after work and on the weekends because I have such a passion for outdoor work. “We have grown over the years to 11 trucks.” During the peak season the company employees 25 full-time employees and about 11 full-time employees in the off season. Imhoff said he used to dread seeing snow fly while they were at a job. That meant some tough hours and conditions. “I knew the job at hand had to get done and so did the employees,” he said. “We had limited equipment and it was very rough with long days and night. “Once it starts snowing, freezing rain or whatever, there is no stopping until you are done. Now that we have built up our snow removal force and have better equipment, we can better serve our customers.” Imhoff said the company has some other services available some people may not realize. “As a full service outdoor property maintenance company, there is really not much we do not do in the way of outdoor maintenance,” Imhoff said. “A few things we do that people probably would not realize is:  Asphalt repair, sealcoating and line striping, curb repair, parking lot sweeping, landscape design and installation, irrigation design installation and repair, underground leak detection, hardscaping, outdoor kitchens, and patio pavers. “There really is not much we cannot do or accomplish.” Premier Law Care can be found on Facebook; at; or via phone at 931-954-5545. The company is located at 1866 Old Tullahoma Highway, Manchester.