A galaxy of stars is growing in Manchester’s Hardee’s thanks to the business’s Stars for Heroes charity fundraiser.

Walking in to the 913 Hillsboro Blvd,. customers are greeted with a wall covered with paper stars. These stars represent a donation to the Stars for Heroes foundation, which allows the store to give half of its proceeds to a local military charity. In Manchester’s case, half of the proceeds will go to the American Legion Post 78.

“I think it’s just a really neat program that we do,” said Hardee’s General Manager Charity Swack. “They’re my coffee drinkers here every morning.”

Each star costs $1.

Manchester’s Hardee’s began Stars for Heroes in 2011. In 2018, Swack learned she could donate half of the proceeds, so, for the first time, Swack presented the American Legion Post 78 a check of $710. This year, she hopes to give them $1,000.

The fundraiser ends on Tuesday, June 18.

Since its inception, the Stars for Heroes program raised over $9 million nationwide.

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Casey recently joined the Manchester Times team in March 2018. Coming off a 17-month reporter stint in Port Chester, NY, she is looking forward to slowing down and integrating herself into the community. She currently resides in Manchester.

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