Unity Medical Center staff

Pictured is a group of medical professionals at Unity Medical Center that was integral in identifying a recent heart attack and having the patient transported under the 120-minute goal window of the hospital. Pictured are, from left, Clara Margaret Capps, RN; Dr. Louis Portilla, Jana Shelton, RN; Cappi Jones, RN; and Paula Clem, RN. 

The staff at Unity Medical Center in Manchester is receiving praise from Nashville area hospitals for its speedy and efficient diagnosis of patients entering the Manchester hospital with a STEMI, more commonly known as a heart attack.

Partnering with TriStar Centennial Hospital in Nashville, Unity Medical Center receives feedback on the time it takes for the Unity emergency department to perform an Electrocardiogram (ECG) on the patient, how long before a code STEMI is called, time for transport and the total time before a balloon is used to open the patient’s blockage. The internal goal for Unity to perform these essential measures and have the blockage open is under 120 minutes. However, that time is often bested thanks to the efficiency of the Unity Medical Center emergency department.

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