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Coffee County Emergency Management Allen Lendley receives the first Moderna  COVID-19 vaccination in Coffee County by Health Department Nursing Supervisor Susan Minger. 

According to information provided by provided by Johns Hopkins University, 9,455 doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered as of Feb. 25

Of those doses, 6,342 (11.63%) have residents of Coffee County have received partial vaccinations for COVID-19 and 3,096 (5.68%) have had both doses. 

According to the State Department of Health, Coffee County is in the Risk-based Phase: 1a1, 1a2, 1b and the Age-based Phase: 65+, 70+ and 75+.

Vaccinations have gradually climbed in the county since early January, according to the data. As of the first week of January, fewer than 1,000 vaccines were administered. By the first of February, the numbers were at 5,841 on Feb. 8.

On Jan. 13, the first batch of second doses were administered, 35 in total, though the chart drops by one the following day.  

According to state data Coffee County has seen 6,281 cases of COVID-19 as of Feb. 25. 91 people hospitalized, 114 deaths and 6,048 are listed as inactive/recovered.  The new case daily rate for the last two weeks is listed as an average of 14.8 per day.

Testing for COVID-19 was listed as an average of 67.7 tests per day over the last week. The average positive result was 8%. On Feb. 25, 182 tests was negative 13 were positive.

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